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Composite Decking Gold Coast

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At Pergolas Gold Coast, we use a variety of materials for decking, but composite decking is our preferred product. Composite decking has become the most popular choice of decking in Australia for many reasons.
Composite decks are made from a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. These can be wood, vinyl or plastic. The material used to make composite decks is an environmentally friendly material as it is recyclable and can be manufactured from recycled components.


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    The Benefits of Using Composite Decks

    – Fire-resistant – the materials used in the construction of composite decks don’t burn, and so is a great choice for any pergola or deck with an open fire feature.
    – Easy to clean – because the surface of your timber decking gets weathered and dirty, you will need to regularly apply cleaners or pressure wash to keep it looking its best. Composite decking doesn’t warp, crack or split like traditional wooden decks, so cleaning them is quick and easy – just use water and soap! No chemicals are needed.
    – Stain-resistant – most stains cannot adhere to natural wood products but soak into the pores. You will notice the decking has an under-surface if you remove the deck board to look underneath. This is laminated together to form one piece. You may also notice how many times the boards are milled with grooves running in different directions for a more stylish look and less chance of warping over time.

    The Cost of Composite decks

    Composite decks are typically more expensive than traditional wooden decks. This is because composite decks are a relatively new product, and there is still a higher manufacturing cost involved. However, as the word spreads about the benefits of composites, it is expected that this will become a more popular choice for decks in Gold Coast properties.

    Installation of composite decks

    How to choose the right type of composite decking for your home

    When choosing the type of decking to be placed in your Gold Coast home, there are several factors you need to consider. The first point to note is that not all composites are created equal. Some are only suitable for use indoors, while others may come with a higher price tag, so it’s important to do your research before you purchase decks. Gold Coast residents can review products and search through available options on the internet or ask for advice at their local hardware store.
    The next step is to work out how much money you have for this project as well as whether you want an Ipe deck. Gold Coast homes who go with an Ipe wood deck will pay considerably more than someone looking at simply replacing their existing wooden one.

    Composite decks

    The Benefits of Composite Decks

    Many people choose composite decks because of their low maintenance requirements. In addition to being simple to clean with soap and water, these decks are also very durable. When you compare this durability to wooden decks, which can rot over time from exposure to the elements it’s easy to see why many would consider composite decking. Gold Coast property owners prefer them even if they do come at a slightly higher initial price tag.
    Composite decks can be used to make different items, from patios, pool decks, verandahs, eaves, carport etc.
    An increasing number of people are choosing composite decks because they can be made into a number of shapes and sizes. In addition, the fact that these decks do not require liners also helps to save money in the long term. For homeowners looking for a beautiful deck at an affordable price, composites have quickly become the best option.

    Types of composite decks

    Why Should a professional fix your composite decks?

    Hiring a professional to install your composite deck is the best option. They provide peace of mind that all work will be completed to a high level and structural integrity.
    This is because professional installers have the experience, tools, knowledge, and skills to do a great job. By choosing a professional, you can also be sure that your fence meets Australian Standards adheres to any relevant building codes, guidelines etc. This will ensure it is safe for use by children or pets.

    Why You Should Choose Pergolas Gold Coast?

    At Pergolas Gold Coast, We are passionate about our work, and customer satisfaction comes first. We have also certified installers with years of industry experience. We will provide you with a quality product and outstanding service.
    Our team use only the highest quality products and materials. We also understand that our success is based on listening to your wants, needs, and desires to build a beautiful fence for you. Each project we undertake is unique, and we guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction at all times.
    At Pergolas Gold Coast, we aim to please and strive for excellence in everything we do! Our commitment has allowed us to gain appreciation from customers, which ensures their continued patronage. It really is this simple, when it comes time to install your new outdoor structure, give us a call.


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