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Verandahs Gold Coast

Verandahs are a great way to extend your living area without having to go through the cost of building an extension. They are a great way to spend time outdoors yet still enjoy shelter from the elements. When it comes to construction, Verandahs can be made with many different materials and ranging in all styles, including contemporary, traditional and even octagonal. At Pergolas Gold Coast, we offer verandah designs that suit any décor or style.
We use high-quality materials such as aluminium and hardwood to construct our verandahs. Aluminium is a great material for verandahs because they are strong yet lightweight. They also look fantastic when constructed properly, and we use all the latest technology when we install them so that they stay looking their best in years to come.


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    What's the use of Verandahs?

    Verandahs are extensions that are attached to the exterior of a house and are good for many reasons. They provide shade, give you somewhere comfortable to sit on those balmy evenings or even to dine alfresco during the warmer months, they offer privacy and keep your house cool so you can save money on air conditioning. Verandahs also give your home added value, which is important if you’re thinking of selling it.
    You can also use them as an outdoor living space for entertaining, lounging, or reading on rainy days.
    Verandahs vary from a small wall Verandah to a large overhanging open one, ideal for catching those cool breezes that can make subtropical living comfortable.

    An open verandah

    Are verandahs expensive to build?

    The cost of installing a verandah in your home will depend on the size and what you want it to include, like a dining area or spa. A structure that includes stairs and has many rooms will cost more than if you just wanted something simple.
    The type of material that you will choose will also affect the cost of the verandah that you build. If you settle on using timber for your verandah, it can cost anywhere from $3 to $10 per square metre.

    A wooden verandah

    Types of verandahs

    Verandahs come in different designs to suit different homes. Some verandahs are freestanding, while others are attached to the back of the house. If you do not have any outdoor space or your area is small, you can build a roofed verandah to provide cover and even more room for seating.

    Some of the verandahs are covered such that you can use them all year round. The other type are uncovered verandahs that are simply used for decoration purposes.

    An open verandah

    What materials should I use on my verandahs?

    If it’s not an alfresco pool party or a major family gathering, then there’s no need to try out that new stainless steel gourmet barbecue grill you got for Christmas. Instead, opt for something quick and simple like a gas bbq which doesn’t have all the hassles of charcoal or require a lot of preparation. If you are after something more permanent, Wood is abundant in modern-day designs and available in several varieties, including treated pine, oil-treated pine, treated hardwood and cedar.

    Why You Should Choose Pergolas Gold Coast?

    At Pergolas Gold Coast, we are a renowned brand when it comes to designing and building decks, verandahs, pergolas, carports, outdoor entertaining areas. We are one of the leaders in this field with many years of experience. Pergolas Gold Coast has helped many happy customers transform their homes into dream spaces to entertain or relax in. Our team is dedicated to quality workmanship and customer satisfaction, ensuring you get an outstanding product designed specifically for your needs.
    Our technicians are skilled and experienced, and we use high-end products, which is why we can provide a longer warranty than our competitors.
    We offer free home consultations to clients within the greater Gold Coast area, and we also offer a design service. At Pergolas Gold Coast, we recommend installing mouldings along the pergola roof edge as soon as you finish your deck or verandah. This will likely be up against your house, so they won’t even notice it’s there! It also gives you two options – you can either stain it to match your house colour for a seamless look or paint it in bright white like we’ve done here on this pergola.


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