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What is an eave, and why should you get one for your home?

An eave is the overhanging edge of a roof. It is usually formed where two sides of a roof meet at an angle to the other element, projecting from the sidewall of a building below, which shelters it from direct rain. In a general architecture, an eave is also called a “bracket”.
Eaves are often confused with overhangs, but they are, in fact, two different things. Overhangs may refer to either projection beyond the exterior wall of a house or other structure or those that lie beyond its corners. They can be found on roofs, porches and verandahs. On houses located in colder climates, eaves may contain insulation inside the cavity of the eave to prevent heat loss during winter months.


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    Eaves benefits

    Eaves are beneficial in several different ways, one of them being that they shelter structures (including windows) from the elements that help prevent damage. Eaves also project outwards, which can help protect walls and foundations from bulk rainwater. And finally, eaves provide cover for gutters and downspouts.
    Eaves can be designed in a way to serve another function which is to hold a drip edge flashing at the lower end of the roofing material. This is especially helpful when you have a long, sloping roof that needs extra protection from bulk rainwater infiltration and/or ice dams caused by melting snow that backs up under your roof tiles and causes leaks inside your house.

    A house with eaves

    Design of Eaves

    Eaves are typically designed in a way that allows them to overhang exterior walls by anywhere between approximately 3 inches to 6 feet on all sides of the exterior wall line, depending on where it is located, i.e., northern or southern exposure. The amount of overhang should not exceed more than 30% of the width of the wall for which it provides protection. For example, if your house has 20′ wide walls, then your eave should be no more than 6′-0″ from the exterior wall line.
    In order to create an effective eave design, it is critical to have perimeter insulation installed underneath the sheathing of your exterior walls at the eaves, so water vapour is trying to migrate through two-by framing cavities towards the exterior walls won’t condense on cool surfaces such as stone or brick veneer.

    A roof with an eave

    How to choose the right colour of eaves

    The colour you choose should harmonize with your home and landscape features. Regardless, you will want to make sure that there is a good contrast between the colour of your eaves and the colour of the siding.
    Eaves often follow existing roof colours and textures, but window trim and door casings typically stick out like a sore thumb without careful planning. Choose exterior colours that match or complement the roofing material; if you live in an area where roofs require re-shingling every ten years or so, be wary of selecting a colour that may become dated shortly after installation. In this case, it might be better to choose a neutral tone such as white or off-white for contrast.

    Eaves on a roof

    The different types of eaves available

    There are different types of eaves available to suit your needs.
    – The standard type of eaves is one that is placed on the front and side of the home, covering the area below the edge of the roofing material.
    – There are also large eaves that can be installed for homes with deep eave areas; these cover a much larger surface area than traditional eaves, creating more shade beneath them. They may require extra bracing or other framing elements to create an appropriate structure for installation.
    A gable-end overhang must be carefully planned since it’s meant to prevent rainwater from seeping into any part of the house beside the gutters; this means that care should be taken to ensure all exterior surfaces underneath these types of eaves.

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