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Timber Decking Gold Coast

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Pergolas Gold Coast uses the highest quality timber for the construction of decks and pergolas. With a large range of high-quality hardwood decking and softwood decking, including jarrah, Merbau, pine and hardy karri, we can supply any length up to 16.0m (52ft).
Timber decks are mostly preferred because they give a classy look to the house and are easy to maintain. Pergolas Gold Coast offers quality timber decking, whether pergola roofing or a timber deck. We have a wide range of exotic hardwood decks and softwood decks available.


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    Benefits of Using Timber Decks

    Some of the reasons why people prefer timber decks are:
    · Timber is a renewable resource and very eco-friendly
    · Easy to maintain and lasts longer than most other materials.
    · Wood absorbs sounds so it can work as an insulator for your home.
    · With the help of timber decking, you can enjoy great views of your garden. You can enhance the view by using plants or flowers that will grow on your pergola roofing, adding magic to the look. Suppose you prefer not having plants growing on top of your pergola. In that case, you can always use synthetic grass to give a natural look without worrying about planting flowers all year round or watering them every now and then.

    Timber Decking

    Timber decks and pergolas can be painted or stained to suit the surrounding environment. Timber is a good choice for outdoor living areas as it is durable and strong if treated properly. It can give your home an umbrella effect where you can sit back and relax in the shade of patio roofing. Pergolas Gold Coast provides different types of timber such as hardwood such as jarrah, Merbau and softwood such as pine which adds value to your home. Wood decking makes any wooden structure look beautiful, whether made of softwood or hardwood. Softwood gives a smooth texture, whereas hardwood enhances classiness.

    A timber deck

    Cleaning and Maintaining your timber deck

    Cleaning timber decks is essential to keep them in great condition. Cleaning your deck once or twice a year is the best way to ensure that it stays looking like new. There are cleaning products specifically designed for timber decks on the market today, but you can also use water and baking soda for this task.
    · If you want an easy yet effective way to clean your deck, mix three parts of water with one part baking soda in a bucket, then apply the mixture directly onto your deck with a broom or mop. You can then leave this solution on your deck overnight so it can do its work while you sleep before rinsing it off with fresh water the next day.

    A timber deck around a pool

    Why timber decking is better than other materials

    Many people would go for s timber decking over other materials because it is very durable, long-lasting, and enhances the value of their property. It can be used outside to create a nice entertainment area for your home where you can throw dinner parties, watch television or even host some outdoor barbeques. Timber decks are best suited to areas that get lots of sunlight, allowing plants and trees to grow on them nicely.
    Timber decks can also be used to make different beautiful outdoor structures such as pergolas, carports, verandahs, eaves, awnings etc.

    A wooden deck

    What type of wood should be selected?

    The first thing that you should consider before buying wood is the weather condition. Different types of wooden structures can be damaged if not selected according to the climate. If you live in a humid region, it is recommended to use hardwood as they are more resistant from termites and fungi. The same applies to those living in dry areas as it gets hot easily, making the structure brittle, requiring hardness of softwood. Find out whether your area experiences heavy rains or high winds so that you can choose construction material accordingly.

    Why You Should Choose Pergolas Gold Coast?

    One of the reasons why you should choose us for your pergolas Gold Coast or outdoor decking project is because we are known for our competitive prices. We’re one of the most affordable landscaping companies in the area, and this is why our customers often return to us again and again for all their home improvement needs.

    Our workers have the experience and expertise that you would expect from a reliable company, plus they are committed to ensuring that our finished products are of the highest quality. We rely on our reputation to bring in new customers, so we’re dedicated to providing them with exceptional results every time.

    More than just being affordable and professional, we also care about the environment. This is why all of our timber comes from sustainable sources. We only use timbers treated with environmentally friendly chemicals, no harsh toxins or toxic paints.

    If you are looking for some professional help with your timber decking Gold Coast, then the team at pergolas Gold Coast can definitely help you out. We can provide you with a free quote on our services, and we will even provide references if needed.


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